Evaporator Coils

Scratch And Dent Evaporator Coils

An evaporator coil in an AC turns the liquid substance into gaseous vapors that can be used in the HVAC unit.

The evaporator coil comes with two variations: cased and uncased. Whether you take cased or uncased, the evaporator coil is meant to fit inside the air handler of your HVAC system. The evaporator coil takes in warm air from the surrounding areas and pumps it into your heat pump or air conditioner. 

An evaporator coil is usually built-in when you buy the equipment for your HVAC system. However, the degradable quality usually means that the entire system won't be fully functional in case the evaporator coil crashes. 

These coils are also available in furnace wholesale outlets. When you're on the lookout for furnace plenum kit supplies, you'll probably find some great evaporator coils too. However, while your hunt is afoot, make sure you get authentic material and purchase from a verified seller or manufacturer. 

If you're considering the price range, you can easily find a standard quality evaporator coil for around $200. This includes both cased and uncased coils, as well as used and brand new coils. Evaporator coils with a couple of scratches and no operational defects are a pocket-friendly purchase if you need something within a small budget.

If you are looking for an evaporator coil for a specific heat pump or AC model, you might want to go for a cased coil. However, if you are setting up the system from scratch or want a unique working mechanism, you can do well with an uncased coil. This one's easy to mold and shape in different ways to suit different furnaces.

The general configurations are as follows: 

  • Up-flow.

  • Downflow.

  • Horizontal.

  • Vertical.

  • Combination.

The tonnage of your coil should also match that of your air conditioning unit. In other words, the condenser and the coil need to have equal tonnage. While measuring this, make sure you also factor in the volume of the room, ventilation, and the usage of the coil. 

Evaporator coils are also easily replaceable and cleanable. Once you purchase a coil, it'll definitely last a couple of years without any signs of damage. However, just like the case with other HVAC equipment, the evaporator can be expensive to install. The device itself may not cost you that much, but it'll be financially tough to get it installed just right. 

If you go for a coil that's worth $200 or something, you need to estimate at least twice or thrice more for getting it installed in an HVAC system. The cleaning costs for evaporator coils are another headache. However, some people take a commercial cleaner, some detergent, and a cloth and get to work themselves.

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Evaporator Coils

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