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Need an air handler for your HVAC unit? That's great! But before you go off making a purchase, you should definitely look into its functions, uses, types, installation procedures, etc. An Air handler, or an air handling unit in your HVAC system, works to circulate air throughout the facility where it is placed. Its basic function is somewhat similar to that of an air conditioning unit, but there is one critical difference.

An air conditioning unit is supposed to regulate temperatures, particularly in warm areas. The air conditioner does this by using a coolant gas and filtering out lint and debris.

An air handler of the furnace outlet has a different job; it blows air in designated directions in order to blow air all across the area. This keeps the temperature under control, too. 

Second-hand air handlers are also available in mint condition and are surprisingly pretty light on your pocket. If you need a temporary setup with large air handling demands or are looking to start a small scale facility, you'll definitely find some great used pieces. 

A brand new air handler body is available for as low as $500 and as high as $3.5 grand. You can get a used, repaired, and fully functional air handler at the same or even lower price range. 

Coming to the use of air handlers, these are recognized as furnace installations and air conditioner installations. Connect the equipment together, and you get a perfect mechanism to centrally control warm and cool temperatures.

When it comes to the variety and configuration, there are a couple of ways to set up your air handling unit:

  • Ceiling

  • Wall Mount

  • Up-flow Down flow

  • Horizontal

  • Up-flow Horizontal

  • Downflow Horizontal

  • Multi-Position

Basically, the configuration of your air handler depends on where you decide to install it. From attics to basements, the environment and the direction of air certainly differ. Therefore, the air handler you go for should not only fit your budget but should also be suitable for the type of house you're installing the equipment in.

While getting an air handler, it's important that you factor in other expenses as well. The installation fees you give for setting up the HVAC unit often doubles up to the original cost of the air handler. This means that if your air handler costs you around $700, your installation might cost the same or even higher.

However, this all depends on the quality of the air handler you purchase. There are fantastic options available in both new and used varieties. And with some models lasting as much ad 10-15 years, it's safe to say that this is going to be a safe investment for you!

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