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Scratch And Dent Air Conditioners

Air conditioning plays a critical role in keeping your home cool during the warm summer months. In hotter climates, it is near impossible to live without a suitable air conditioning system. In such places, you can find these devices virtually everywhere-from hotels to malls to private residences. 

Buying an air conditioner is a tough decision. Before you buy an air conditioning (AC) unit, you should ask yourself a few questions, such as:

  • How large is the area I am trying to cool?

  • How many tons should the AC be? 

The answer to the first question will help you determine the answer to the second. For example, if you are trying to cool a small bedroom, then a 1 ton AC should suffice. If your room is large, 2 tons should be good enough. However, if you need an AC for a larger area like a hallway, you should consider buying a 3 ton AC unit instead.  

Typically, 4 and 5 ton air conditioners are employed in massive spaces, such as factories or wedding halls. A 5 ton would make for an excellent factory air conditioner. This is because the 5 ton air conditioner has the ability to pull in more warm air per unit time than a device with fewer tons. The rate of air inhalation is the same as that of exhalation, implying that such air conditioners are able to put out significantly more cool air at a faster rate than any of their fewer-ton counterparts. 

Larger buildings may require more than just one 5 ton AC. However, it makes sense to install the largest ton-option, even if it needs to be repeated at multiple points throughout the building. Smaller units can be relatively expensive; it costs less to install a single 5 ton unit as compared to five 1 ton units. Hence, people prefer buying larger ACs to cool large spaces instead of buying many small ones. 

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner can also be determined through BTUs (British Thermal Units). The rule is to measure the size of the area that needs to be covered (in feet) and add 2000 BTUs for every 50 square foot increase. This rule applies to areas larger than 200 square feet and starts at 6000 BTUs. Anything below that should employ an AC with 5000-6000 BTUs.

Air conditioners should be handled with expert care because they can damage easily. They should only be installed by a professional, especially when it comes to handling extra fittings, like gas compresses, vents, and cooling sinks.

Air conditioners also require routine maintenance. This includes cleaning AC filters when they’re full and checking to make sure the gas pressure is not below the required amount. 

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