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Scratch And Dent Units

Scratch and dents refer to appliances that have been slightly damaged. Luckily, these devices are only cosmetically damaged. This means that their exterior has some flaws, but the internal machinery works remarkably well.

Buying a cosmetically damaged product can sometimes get you as much as 40 to 60% off the product’s original price, depending on how badly damaged the exterior is. For example, if you aim to buy a furnace, you might get it at wholesale furnace prices just because the product is a scratch and dent. 

These products are new but have garnered cosmetic damage during either the shipping process or warehouse storage. Everything on the inside of the product will be the same, from the heating system to the furnace outlet. An actual scratch and dent is one that is only damaged cosmetically on the outside.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before committing to a scratch and dent deal.

Such products generally do not come with a warranty, which is why if your purchased appliance ends up failing you, getting a free repair or refund is highly unlikely. Still, most products do end up working quite well, with the majority giving exceptional performance.

The key to scratch and dent goods is to remember that a true scratch and dent will only be damaged on the outside. Its internal functioning should be in top shape. Some retailers will try to sell you goods that are internally damaged, too, but will label them as a mere scratch and dent. Hence, it is essential to opt to keep your eyes open when shopping for scratch and dents.

Many people prefer buying products that look beautiful and have no dents or scratches at all. However, such products qualify as “brand new” and cost much more than a scratch and dent. People who are on a tight budget sometimes prefer to go for scratch and dent items. 

You should only buy from trusted sources, or else you risk getting yourself into trouble. Luckily, there are many reliable retailers on the market, too. As long as you stick to them, your purchase should be a successful one that fulfills your needs.

When buying scratch and dent products online, it is important to look at real images of what you’re buying. These pictures should give you a clear idea of what to expect from your scratch and dent product. 

It helps to have a written description of the cosmetic damage, too. Going through this will allow you to fully understand how damaged the product is. You should always note the location and extent of damage, too.

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