PTAC Heat Pump

PTAC Heat Pumps

A mini-split with a heat pump is an excellent pick for small spaces. If you’re in the market for PTAC heat pumps, it is advisable to prioritize spatial efficiency and energy savings. You see, the heat pump mini split version of the PTAC offers superior functionality. 

It works by reversing the cooling mechanism of the air condition and pushed hot air into the room. However, this reversing mechanism will only work when there are at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder outside. 

If you’re shopping for excessively chilly winter climates, keep in mind that most variants of the PTAC heat pump with mini-split come with an electric heat backup option. 

A packaged terminal heat pump (PTAC) is an ideal option for those shopping on a budget. It offers the added advantage of having both heating and cooling systems for a room. A mini-split with heat pump has become increasingly popular in the residential and commercial sector, with a majority of its uses found in small apartments, condos, hotel, and motel rooms. 

Buyers who are focused on a spatially compact and energy-efficient investment will find the mini-split with heat pump a pristine choice. These wall-mounted units pack up sufficient power and capacities to provide adequate cooling in the summer. During the winter, the heat pump mini-split will warm up your space, and on those hard winter days of December and January, you can rely on the standard electric heat to make your indoor spaces intensely cozy. 

Whether you’re shopping for your apartment or cottage or seek a cost-effective and energy-efficient investment for your motel, the PTAC heat pump mini-split is an ideal investment. These are also a viable option for professionals or couples who are constantly relocating and don’t wish to plant their roots for now. This compact design can be mounted on a wall, allowing a simple installation process. 

We can help you land the best prices throughout the market with a wide variety of units and styles. Buyers are advised to seek out a variant that is well-aligned with the décor and aesthetic personality of their room. 

Here is some information to help you determine the BTUs you need for your heat pump mini-split unit: 

450-800 square feet: 10,000-15,000 BTUs

150-450 square feet: 5000-10,000 BTUs

Note: Any space measuring more than 1,000 square feet will require a multi-room system to ensure efficient heating and cooling. 

Our extensive selection of PTACs comes with a wide variety of standard PTAC systems and heat pumps with mini-split. Our experts will help you make a choice that is ideally aligned with your needs, space measurements, and energy consumption requirements. Many of our systems also accompany heat kits for buyers who seek to enable their PTACs with heating capabilities. 

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