PTAC Air Conditioners

PTACs or packaged terminal air conditioners are special units generally employed to address the air conditioning needs of larger spaces. This includes hospitals, hotels and motels, senior housing facilities, condominiums, apartment buildings with central air conditioning, and sunrooms. 

They are commercial-grade devices that include both heating and cooling options. They have an extremely durable build and are hence remarkably popular in hospitals. 

Air conditioner replacement can rake up a significant amount due to PTACs being extremely large and having multiple parts, each of which may sometimes need to be individually replaced overtime for maintenance. 

Such air conditioning systems have a design that demands that they be installed into an external wall. Their heat sinks and vents are placed on either side of the wall, meaning that one component of each of these units is placed indoors and another outdoors to help complete the set. The PTAC device is often placed right above the floor and right under a window. They generally come in three standard sizes: 42x16 inches, 36x15 inches, and 40x15 inches. 

PTACs serve as heaters during the harsh winter months, which is why they need a separate furnace outlet. The furnace outlet enables the seamless generation and transmission of heated air. 

These air conditioners are popular for a number of reasons:

  • Low energy cost: It takes a significant amount of energy to heat or cool a large area such as a hospital or apartment building. This can rake up a massive electricity bill, which is why people tend to prefer air conditioning options that do not use up too much energy. PTACs are perfect for this purpose because they use comparatively less energy to heat or cool large vicinities. 

  • Relatively Quiet: Some air conditioning units can be outrageously loud. This is hugely off-putting in places like hospitals or luxury hotels that prioritize comfort and silence. PTAC units are generally quieter than other HVAC systems, so they are preferred over other options.

  • Easy to Operate: PTAC devices are straightforward-anyone can control them and change the settings easily. Altering the temperature takes nothing more than a few seconds. 

PTAC systems employ one of two systems: the BTU (British Thermal Unit) method and the Plug Type system.

BTUs are essentially power units. The greater the vicinity to be covered, the more BTUs you’ll need. You should not buy a PTAC with more BTUs than you need. This can end up costing a heavy amount, so there’s no point in it. The more BTUs your device has, the more energy it will need to run. As a result, your electricity bill will also be higher.

Plug type PTACs are influenced directly by voltage and amperage readings. The higher the amperage, the higher the heating capacity. Keep this in mind when choosing a PTAC!

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