Amana 7,000 BTU PTHP Heat Pump with 2.5 KW Heat Kit


As low as $18.99 per month


Amana DigiSmart PTH073G25AXXX 7,600 BTU Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner with 6,800 BTU Heat Pump, 2.5 KW Electric Heat Backup

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, like those found in a typical hotel room, are an ideal way to heat and air condition offices, apartments, dormitories, and residential additions. The PTAC units slide into a standard, pre-existing 16” x 42” wall sleeve and include intuitively configured controls. New installations require a wall sleeve and grille which can be purchased as Accessories. These PTAC units are designed with efficiency, durability, and quiet operation in mind. They can be purchased in a variety of capacities to meet your sizing requirements. This PTAC unit is a heat pump with a back-up electric heat strip. All accessories including wall sleeves & grilles are sold separately.

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