Mini PTAC Heat Pump

Mini PTAC Heat Pumps

PTACs, or packaged terminal air conditioners, are special air conditioning units used to cover large areas. They can heat up the surrounding air as well as cool it. Hence, one unit is enough to cater to the temperature changes and demands that come with each new season.

There are many different types of PTACs, each with their own unique BTU (British Thermal Unit) ratings. Mini PTACs are a common type of packaged terminal air conditioners or packaged terminal heat sinks. 

These mini PTACs are more commonly listed as the “heat pump mini split” due to their split system technology. Split air conditioners have particular abilities that are commonly lacking in traditional PTACs.

Firstly, unlike regular PTAC models, mini-split systems are entirely ductless and do not need to be fitted through walls. They are composed to separate outdoor and indoor units that come together to work in strict synchroneity to provide seamless heating or cooling experience. 

The outdoors unit is called a compressor or condenser, whereas the internal unit is termed as an air handler. Both of these serve a unique purpose while still managing to work together to create a seamless airflow system. 

The compressor’s job is to sustain an ideal refrigerant flow rate, hence allowing for a stable temperature output. It does so through a compression mechanism. The air handler, on the other hand, is designed to distribute and effectively circulate the conditioned air across the selected area. 

Each room or section can have its own air handler unit. This allows for the distribution of air at different temperatures in each individual area-something that traditional PTACs just do not allow! 

So, you won’t need to install a different air conditioner in each section. Instead, you can install the internal unit of the ductless split air conditioner within each room and use a single external compressor system to back them all up.

This fantastic system is exceptionally economical both in terms of power usage and energy bills. Using a mini split system demands less energy, and hence your final bill will also be much lesser than when using a traditional PTAC system. Due to its high efficiency, mini split heat pumps are one of the most favored HVAC systems out there.

Mini splits also contain a thermostat. This device’s job is to continually monitor the air temperature and let the main system know how hot or cold the surroundings are. Once this information is relayed throughout the entire air conditioning unit, the external compressors will alter their compression levels (if needed) to match the desired temperature demands. As soon as the air within the system has been brought to the desired temperature, it is expelled through the air handlers. 

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