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Commercial air conditioning often calls for special equipment to help with the process of heating up or cooling down larger buildings. This is especially the case when a multi-room system is needed. In cases where hotels and large facilities need an air conditioning unit, a PTAC system is often considered. These are also known as packaged terminal air conditioners. There are several advantages that you can expect when switching to a PTAC, particularly when compared to a system that has a more residential focus, such as a standard HVAC installation. 

While there are familiarities between classic HVAC systems and PTACs, you do need to keep a few things in mind. In buildings such as a hotel, a PTAC may be the more cost-effective solution to consider. Installation of these systems may also be less intrusive, allowing the temperature to be controlled without taking up extra space on the floor. 

A PTAC is essentially a commercial-grade system that provides air conditioning functions in large environments. It can also be used as a multi-room solution. A wall sleeve will usually be created to assist in the installation process. PTACs are sometimes easier to install, especially since they do not require additional ductwork like some of the more traditional options. 

Efficiency of a PTAC is also better than some alternatives when installed in a multi-room system. Furthermore, these systems do not make as much noise – which means customer retention will not be adversely affected. 

Apart from hotels, there are several other buildings and environments where a PTAC offers superior performance. Other examples would include offices and dorm rooms, as well as classrooms and schools. 

You will find a BTU power rating on each PTAC you look at. This rating tells you how powerful the system is. A higher BTU can provide more effective cooling power in a wider environment. This is why measuring your environment before looking at the selection of PTAC systems on our catalog is a good idea. 

Know the BTU you need to efficiently regulate the temperature in the building. If you feel unsure about the measurement or have a multi-room building, then a professional can help. In fact, we encourage our customers to contact a local HVAC installation provider before they buy from our catalog. This gives you the ability to get a professional opinion on your building and find out whether a PTAC system will definitely be the better choice. 

An expert can take the measurements on your behalf and then tell you which of the PTAC units that we stock will provide you with the expected performance – all while keeping the costs of the hardware as low as possible. 

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