Standard PTACs

Standard PTAC Room Heat Pumps

Cooling down or heating up rooms on a one-by-one basis can be tough without the right hardware. Consider environments such as a hotel as an example. There are multiple rooms, and using a central management system for all rooms can be insufficient. Each guest may have their own preferences in terms of temperature – which is why a multi-room solution is needed in these scenarios. 

PTAC systems consist of various hardware components. Each of these elements plays its own role in helping to regulate the temperature throughout the hotel. The multi-room setup of a PTAC system also allows the temperature to be adjusted in each room individually – which is the ideal solution in these buildings. 

Both air conditioners and heat pumps form part of a PTAC system. In terms of cooling down the room, a PTAC air conditioner is the solution you will be looking at. This type of hardware allows you to give guests or employees more control over their room's temperature – which may essentially lead to a more cost-effective solution in the end. Compare this solution to a situation where air conditioners need to run continuously throughout a building, even once guests leave or employees go home. 

With the range of PTAC air conditioners available at the Furnace Outlet, we are able to meet your every need. Our components are ideal in cases where you are looking for an air conditioner replacement – by giving you access to the PTAC air conditioner unit alone, you do not have to spend money on additional hardware you do not need. 

As a top-rated furnace wholesale company, the Furnace Outlet gives you access to the product you need, all without charging retail prices. Instead, we cut the middle man and give you access to all the hardware and units you need at wholesale rates. 

Start by measuring out the building that needs to be cooled down. In this case, you are likely looking to measure a single room – or get an average reading on multiple rooms. A square footage measurement is needed to ensure you buy the appropriate PTAC air conditioner unit. 

Your next step is to match this to an appropriately sized PTAC air conditioning unit. A BTU power rating is generally used to give you an idea of how powerful the air conditioner is. A higher BTU will give you coverage for a bigger room, but it also uses more energy and gas. Thus, you need to find the right balance. 

This is where a local HVAC professional comes into the picture. Contact an installer before buying your PTAC air conditioner unit from us – they can help you pick out the one that is a perfect fit.

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