Mini PTACs

Mini PTAC Room Heat Pumps

Industrial furnaces, air conditioning systems, and related hardware provide higher-powered configurations. At the same time, these hardware setups can sometimes provide a significant improvement in cost efficiency throughout a building. PTACs are generally considered an industry-standard when looking to fit a multi-room building with an air conditioning solution. Even when utilizing a heat pump, a PTAC may still be the ideal solution to providing improved air distribution and handling internally. 

The Furnace Outlet is fitted with all the required hardware and units required to provide a complete solution for any building. When it comes to setting up a room heat pump system as part of a PTAC installation, we recommend starting out with a full measurement of the room, as well as the entire building. Understanding the needs should be a priority too – a few questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • How much cooling or heating power is needed?

  • Should the temperature regulation be constant or only at specific times of the day?

  • Do you need the system to cover all rooms in the building or just a single one? Sometimes, a multi-room solution can be used when covering a few rooms or offices. 

The square footage of your environment will tell you what size PTAC and heat pump you will need. In cases where you simply need to provide coverage to a single open-plan environment, a room heat pump may be ideal. These scenarios may also be fitting for a mini PTAC.

A mini PTAC would utilize less power to cover the area and take up less space when installed. The installation procedure may also be simpler, as a smaller wall sleeve will be needed to fit this system. 

At our furnace warehouse, we carry a wide variety of heat pumps, which can be part of a mini PTAC installation. Our range of accessories can also be a useful addition to your cart, as this helps to complete furnace installations. 

We do advise you to ask a professional for advice before deciding on a particular room heat pump mini PTAC system. A professional should also be asked to deal with the installation procedure. There are several steps that need to be completed with extra care. A DIY project may result in a problematic installation or even lead to hazardous consequences. 

Your installer will be able to give you advice on what the most cost-effective solution will be for your building. In the end, the goal of a PTAC system is to get maximum power in terms of cooling and heating without spending more money than what is needed. 

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