Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Heat Pump Ductless Mini Splits

When there are multiple rooms in your building, a central air conditioning system may not do the trick. In these situations, the central system will only provide limited coverage for all zones of the building. The rooms that are located further aware of the air conditioner and heater system will not be able to benefit as much from the temperature regulation functions. 

In scenarios where a number of rooms need to be covered by an HVAC solution, the use of mini splits may be an ideal option. Heat pumps, in particular, can work effectively when used alongside a mini-split system. 

One reason why splits are sometimes not considered is due to the ductwork needed during the installation process. This leads to more time to get things up and running, which also means installation costs will be higher. 

The Furnace Outlet focuses not only on convenience but also on creating cost-effective solutions for every client. Whether you are looking to set up a heat pump in a multi-room environment at home, in an office, or at a factory building, our selection of ductless mini splits could be the more ideal choice to make. 

The ductless mini splits, as the name suggests, require no ductwork like the alternatives. This means the installation process is much simpler and end up costing you less money. We stock a wide variety of split systems that helps with regulating the temperature in a multi-room environment while also giving zoned control over temperature regulatory functions. This also included ductless split air conditioner units, alongside our selection of heat pumps. 

When choosing a ductless mini split heat pump system, considering the size of the building still remains a critical step. You will need to get measurements of each room that will be covered too – as these factors all need to be taken into an equation to decide what size mini split system you need. 

For accuracy in terms of the hardware you purchase, while also ensuring installation holds fewer challenges, a professional needs to come out to your building prior to choosing a ductless mini split heat pump. 

The installer should do a thorough inspection of your building. Accuracy is key when choosing a multi-room split system for your building. You need to ensure the appropriately sized units are purchased, and then you get enough individual units to cover all of the rooms. 

Installation recommendations can be made by the professional, which helps you determine where the best locations are for installing each specific unit that comes with a ductless mini split heat pump. 

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