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Room Heat Pumps

Wholesale Room Heat Pumps Buying Guide

Typically, PTAC and PTHP units are the air conditioning units that you'll see in hotel rooms, hospital rooms, condominiums, and apartment buildings. Many are designed to go through walls, with vents and heat sinks both inside and outside of the unit. If you're looking to keep only one room or section of your space cool or warm, a PTAC or PTHP unit is your best bet. 

Here is how to calculate the BTUs you’ll need for your PTAC unit:

150-450 square feet: 5000-10,000 BTUs

450-800 square feet: 10,000-15,000 BTUs

Typically, anything over 1,000 square feet will need a multi-room system. 

Some of our PTACs and PTHPs also come with heat kits for those who want to enable their systems to also heat a space or room. 

We offer standard and mini PTACs and PTHPs.

Disclaimer: Before making a purchase, you should always check first with your qualified installer to figure out what unit is best for your home or space.

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