Individual Room Heat Pumps

Room Heat Pumps

When you have a small area to heat or cool, there is often no need to set up a large HVAC system in the area. There are multiple solutions that can be used to assist in regulating the temperature of a single room. Some of these will offer a standalone function, while others will rather form part of a bigger system. 

Considering whether you wish to use an extension on a current HVAC system, or have a standalone unit for regulating room temperature, should really be your first step. Using a simple extension will often only require a unit, while a complete system may be needed for independent functionality. 

You'll also need to consider the size of the room. A room heat pump is often utilized to help extract hot air from a server room. In these cases, the room depends on a consistent low temperature – as even a slight increase in room temperature may cause servers to overheat. 

The Furnace Outlet understands that sometimes, all you need is a solution to regulate hot air in one room. We offer a wide range of Goodman gas furnaces, heat pumps, and additional equipment that can be used to increase or decrease interior temperatures. 

Whether you need a new system or an air conditioner replacement part, we stock a wide variety of items to facilitate your exact requirements. 

In addition to giving you access to heat pump units, we also supply any required installation hardware and accessories. 

We do recommend starting with the square footage of the room when looking at a compact heat pump solution. Measure all regions that need to be covered by the heat pump, and take obstacles and items that could interfere with airflow into consideration. When there are large rows of servers in the room, these may interfere with the circulation of air – in such a case; you might need to look at alternative mounting options or opt for a bigger room heat pump. 

Once you have these factors in mind, it is a good idea to take a look at the room heat pumps we have to offer. Considering these with your local HVAC installer is definitely something you want to do. Your installer should be made aware of the specific requirements of the room. Advise the installer if the room will be heated or cooled using a heat pump. They should also understand the specific desired temperature range and see the room for themselves. Due to the installer's experience, they generally have a keen eye for finding that one installation and mounting spot that ends up saving you thousands. 

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Individual Room Heat Pumps

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