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4 Ton Heat Pumps

Using an HVAC system at home is incredibly useful, but you do need to ensure the hardware you buy is compatible with your interior. Smaller homes do well with low tonnage heat pumps and related equipment, but the same cannot be said for some of the bigger houses. Whether you’ve got a single story house with multiple rooms, or a two story building, there are times where you will need to look at bigger heat pumps. 

A four ton heat pump delivers efficient power for larger areas, helping to create a more pleasant environment during all four seasons of the year. The heat pump can work alongside your existing HVAC installation, providing added convenience by concentrating hot air either inside or outside your building. 

These heat pumps come in a variety of model options. You can decide on a heat pump mini split if you want to have individual control in every room that is part of your building. For a more universal solution, a standard heat pump may be considered instead. 

The size of your heat pump is one of the most critical factors you need to consider. When you buy an option with a tonnage that can’t cover your building’s inside, it means the system will not give you the efficiency you require. 

The Furnace Outlet gives you access to a variety of heat pumps, ensuring your interior can be covered without causing an excessive spike in your power bill. We have a reputation as a preferred furnace warehouse amongst both residential and commercial clients. Our single heat pump units are ideal for coupling with existing HVAC solutions on your property, offering compatibility with various previously installed hardware sets. 

The four ton heat pumps offered on our catalog gives you coverage for up to 2,700 square feet – but, as with other options, always consider factors like the specific environment and climate. When there is a more significant number of rooms with walls dividing them, the actual coverage you get maybe a bit lower. 

Consult an expert in the field of HVAC installations before you choose a specific system. These experts are able to quickly determine what type of heat pump will be the more ideal choice for your building. Getting the expert out to your house is important, as they will need to do a few measurements from their side. Once all calculations have been done, the expert can tell you if a four ton heat pump will be appropriate. They may also recommend a smaller tonnage if they find you could benefit from such an option. 

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4.0 Ton - Builder - Premium

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