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Wholesale Heat Pumps Buying Guide

For starters, heat pumps essentially move hot air around to suit each season of operation. So, in the summer, a heat pump works to remove the hot air from your home and, in the winter, works to take whatever warm air is present outside and bring it into your home. Technically speaking, a heat pump is a mechanical compression cycle refrigeration system that can be used to either heat or cool a space. 

It’s likely that you have chosen a heat pump to cool and warm your home because a heat pump tends to be more energy-efficient and kinder to the environment. The only downside exists in colder climates, where a heat pump likely won’t be able to perform the same duties as a furnace. So, in most cases, we recommend that only those living in milder or warmer invest in a heat pump versus in a system with an air conditioner and gas furnace.

You have chosen a 4-ton heat pump, meaning that the space in which you intend to heat or cool is 2,000-2,500 square feet. If you’re looking to equip your heat pump with the ability to heat your space as well, you should also look into purchasing a heat kit to go with the heat pump. If you live in a milder climate, go with a 10 kW heat kit, and if you live in a colder climate, be sure to purchase a 20 kW heat kit.

Disclaimer: Before making a purchase, you should always check first with your qualified installer to figure out what unit is best for your home or space.

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