5 Ton Heat Pump Systems

5 Ton Heat Pump Systems

While HVAC systems tend to offer a convenient way of reducing or increasing interior temperature in a building, failure to choose the appropriate system is sure to lead to disappointment. Different sized HVAC solutions are available, with some being more appropriate for larger environments than others. 

Installing an HVAC system will generally start with a measurement of your building. In commercial situations, it is generally advised to avoid opting for small systems. A tonnage measurement is used to provide an indication of the system's size. The higher the tonnage rating, the more coverage can be offered by the units that form part of the HVAC system. 

Five ton heat pump systems are options that you will usually find in factories, manufacturing facilities, and large offices with multiple rooms. These are often industrial quality systems that require more space for mounting and installation. While they do take more effort to install, setting up a five ton heat pump system offers superior coverage for the large interior of these buildings. 

A mini split heat pump can be coupled with the five ton system you decide to install. This can help to deliver better control over temperatures inside the building. In larger buildings, temperature regulation sometimes differs between rooms on the opposite sides. Thus, one may require less added heat compared to the other – which is why the split system may be considered. 

The Furnace Outlet helps factories and other commercial property owners obtain five ton heat pump systems that are a perfect fit for their building. Regardless of the building type you own, the Goodman range of heat pumps we carry will never fail to impress. 

The specifications of your installation will generally determine how big of an area can be covered using a five ton heat pump. In most cases, the addition of these heat pumps will be able to offer coverage for an area measuring between 2,401 square feet and 3,000 square feet. 

To determine whether a five ton system is the appropriate size, a talk with a local expert in the field of HVAC installations may be helpful. This is a good idea prior to making a decision on a specific system too, as compatibility needs to be taken into consideration. 

A complete five ton heat pump system will not only provide the primary unit but also comes with the additional hardware that is needed to make the most out of your HVAC solution. Your installer can determine the best mounting option, as well as that perfect spot to provide better distribution of hot or cold air in your building. 

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5 Ton Heat Pump Split System Goodman GSZ140601 14-SEER

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