2.5 Ton Heat Pump Systems

2.5 Ton Heat Pump Systems

When temperature regulation in a building is insufficient, people inside may feel uncomfortable. During the colder months of winter, we rely on a heating element to keep us warm indoors. With summer on the way, we turn to an air conditioning unit to help reduce temperatures. Both of these functions can be exceptionally convenient – but will only be noticeable with the right system.

For homes with two stories, as well as those with a few rooms to cover, a 2.5 ton heat pump system may offer the ideal amount of coverage.

Heat pump systems offer a multifunctional configuration that is useful during winter and summer months. The all-season equipment focuses on regulating hot air in particular. Simple configurations are used to switch from blowing warm air into your building to extracting it from the building. This means a heat pump helps to deliver both cooling and heating functions in a single configuration.

With 12,000 BTU provided by each ton in a heat pump system, a 2.5 ton option would provide a performance similar to a 30,000 BTU furnace unit. When you install a furnace, however, you’d only be providing a heating function to your building. This is why some people move from furnace installations to a heat pump system instead. The same system would offer an air conditioning effect in the building.

When installing a 2.5 ton heat pump system, the interior environment of the building should ideally measure between 1,500 square feet and 2,000 square feet. Various elements affect the specific equation. In some buildings, coverage is more extensive with a 2.5 ton system.

You should consider the amount of interference in the area. The specific location of the installation tends to make a significant difference too. Installing the heat pump to point toward an open area may help to improve the distribution of air. The more rooms in the area, the higher the need would be in terms of tonnage and BTU.

The Furnace Outlet focuses on giving you all the options you need for a heat pump system that will make your home more comfortable, regardless of the weather outside. Our range of Goodman systems includes all the units required to ensure the installation process is simple and effective.

A quick call to a local installer will also help you gain more clarity on the appropriate hardware for your home or office. Ask an installer to double check your measurements too – as they are experienced in dealing with these factors. The installer can advise if a 2.5 ton heat pump system will be able to cover all regions of the interior. They can also recommend the most efficient zone for installation.

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