Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump Systems

Whether you want to heat up a building or help to keep it cool, there are many options that you can consider to achieve these goals. Some are more efficient than others, but it really comes down to the specific environment. 

Your HVAC system depends on the right hardware and accessories to work efficiently. In some cases, adding a heat pump can be useful. Heat pumps are connected to exterior elements that help control the flow of air. 

When installing a heat pump, you can choose between buying a single unit or rather opt for a complete packaged system. There are a few differences between the two options, so be sure which one will be more suited to the HVAC systems that are being used in the building. 

A heat pump system has the advantage of including all required accessories to run the hardware. This can give you a significant saving compared to buying a heat pump unit and additional accessories separately. 

The Furnace Outlet gives you access to different systems and individual units that can be used to complete or complement your HVAC installation. We also ensure our prices are competitive, as we cut out the middleman – giving our clients access to wholesale pricing. 

When buying a complete heat pump system, you get more than just the individual unit needed to help control airflow in the building. You also gain access to a complete enclosure, which includes the additional accessories required to operate the heat pump. 

Our large selection of heat pump systems ensures your building’s needs can be met more efficiently. The heat pump systems are measured in tonnage, with a higher tonnage providing coverage for bigger areas. Our 1.5 ton heat pump systems are ideal for smaller environments, while the bigger five ton options provide exceptional coverage for bigger offices and multi-story homes. 

When you’re ready to proceed with the installation of a heat pump system, you should ideally start by considering what tonnage you need. Asking an expert in your local area to help should be considered. This will give you a more accurate square footage measurement that needs to be covered with your installation. The professional can give you a view on the specific tonnage that will be most appropriate. 

If there is an existing installation of an HVAC system, an expert in the industry can help you understand what option in the catalog we offer provides the most ideal fit for your hardware. This can help to prevent running into compatibility issues when the heat pump system is installed. 

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