Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER 410A Compatible Heat Pump Model GSZC160361

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The Goodman brand provides energy-efficient, reliable, and cost-effective heating and cooling services to millions of customers. Goodman takes great pride in their manufacturing practices and processes, which always result in the production of quality HVAC equipment and returning customers. More than anything, though, the Goodman brand prides itself on providing peace of mind to its customers by offering strong warranties and products that have been tested numerous times for quality assurance. All of these factors make the Goodman brand the obvious choice for your next HVAC purchase. 

Product Features: 

- Two-Stage Copeland UltraTech scroll compressor 

- High-density foam compressor sound blanket 

- Integrated communicating ComfortBridge Technology 

- Commissioning and diagnostics via indoor board Bluetooth with the CoolCloud phone and tablet application 

- Expanded ComfortAlert diagnostics built in 

- Set-up capable with two low-voltage wires to outdoor unit 

- Diagnostic indicator lights and storage of six fault codes 

- Color-coded terminal strip for non-communicating set-up 

- SmartShift technology to ensure quiet, reliable defrost 

- Factory-installed bi-flow liquid-line filter drier 

- Factory-installed transformer 

- Factory-installed suction-line accumulator 

- Factory-installed compressor crankcase heater 

- Factory-installed high-capacity muffler 

- Factory-installed coil and ambient temperature sensors 

- High and low-pressure switches 

- Fully charged for 15’ of tubing length 

- Two-speed quiet condenser fan motor 

- Sweat connection service valves with easy access to gauge ports 

- AHRI Certified; ETL Listed 

The Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER 410A Compatible Heat Pump Model GSZC160361 is equipped with many advanced features that ensure a comfortable home or space. These features range from the Copeland CoreSense Diagnostics, an advanced diagnostics system that constantly monitors your heat pump system to reduce failures and to pinpoint trouble spots, to the SmartShift Technology that is a specialized time-delay defrost technology that allows for a reliable, quiet, and smooth transition when units enter defrost mode.

What is a heat pump and why is it a suitable investment for you?

For starters, heat pumps essentially move hot air around to suit each season of operation. So, in the summer, a heat pump works to remove the hot air from your home and, in the winter, works to take whatever warm air is present outside and bring it into your home. Technically speaking, a heat pump is a mechanical compression cycle refrigeration system that can be used to either heat or cool a space. 

It’s likely that you have chosen a heat pump to cool and warm your home because a heat pump tends to be more energy-efficient and kinder to the environment. The only downside exists in colder climates, where a heat pump likely won’t be able to perform the same duties as a furnace. So, in most cases, we recommend that only those living in milder or warmer invest in a heat pump versus in a system with an air conditioner and gas furnace.

Picking out the Perfect Heat Pump:

Though it is best to speak to a qualified HVAC technician when on the hunt for a heat pump, we can give you a rough estimate of the tonnage that you will need to cool or heat your space, keeping in mind that any space that is 1,000 square feet or less can simply benefit from a 1.5-ton heat pump:

1,000-1,250 square feet: 2 Tons

1,250-1,500 square feet: 2.5 Tons

1,500-1,750 square feet: 3 Tons

1,750-2,000 square feet: 3.5 Tons

2,000-2,500 square feet: 4 Tons

2,500-3,000 square feet: 5 Tons

If you are looking to purchase a heat kit (the portion of the heat pump that will heat your home during the colder months), here is a simple guide:

Very warm climates:

1.5-3-Ton Heat Pump: 5 kW Heat Kit

3.5-5-Ton Heat Pump: 10 kW Heat Kit

Mild climates:

1.5-2-Ton Heat Pump: 5 kW Heat Kit

2.5-5-Ton Heat Pump: 10 kW Heat Kit

Colder climates:

1.5-2.5-Ton Heat Pump: 10 kW Heat Kit

2.5-3.5-Ton Heat Pump: 15 kW Heat Kit

4-5-Ton Heat Pump: 20 kW Heat Kit

Very cold climates:

1.5-2-Ton Heat Pump: 10 kW Heat Kit

2.5-3-Ton Heat Pump: 15 kW Heat Kit

3-5-Ton Heat Pump: 20 kW Heat Kit


This product comes with a 10-year parts limited warranty when installed by a qualifying technician and then registered on the manufacturer's website.

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