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Goodman 2 Ton 17.5 SEER Heat Pump Model GSZC180241, Upflow, Downflow Coil Model CAPF3636A6Upflow, Downflow, Horizontal Modular Blower Model MBVC1200AA-1 And Matching TXV

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Wholesale Price : $3,585.00

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The Goodman brand provides energy-efficient, reliable, and cost-effective heating and cooling services to millions of customers. All Goodman brand components of this bundle come with a manufacturer's 10 year parts warranty provided the installation is done by a professional and the serial numbers on the components are registered on Goodman's website within 90 days of installation. This particular bundle, containing models GSZC180241, CAPF3636A6, and MBVC1200AA-1 is packed with advanced features that keep your space comfortable all year long.
This particular heat pump model is equipped with a high-efficiency two-stage scroll compressor. To muffle the sound of the Goodman heat pump, it is installed with a high-density foam compressor sound blanket. Expanded ComfortAlert™ diagnostics ensure that your heat pump system will always be running smoothly. A quiet and reliable defrost is possible with this split system heat pump’s SmartShift® technology. In order to prevent damage to multiple components and save you on heat pump cost, this product is outfitted with a factory-installed suction-line accumulator.
The particular model is an all-aluminum evaporator coil. Vertical and horizontal models of this AC coil are available. The Goodman evaporator coil has a galvanized, leather grain-embossed finish to ensure the addition of clean and subtle lines to the furnace. In addition to this, the Goodman evaporator coil comes with rust-resistant, thermoplastic drain pans featuring a low water-retention design. Together with the other features, the air conditioner coil’s drain pan is also UV-resistant.
The quality of this MBR is increased with the addition of its variable-speed ECM blower motor. Further, this Goodman modular blower is compatible with the ComfortNet™ Communicating System. In order to reduce cabinet condensation, this particular modular blower with heat pump applications comes with foil-faced insulation that covers the internal casing. When tested in accordance with ASHRAE standard 193, the cabinet air leakage in this heat pump system-compatible unit is than 2 percent at 1-inch. For added convenience, 3-21 kW electric heat kits can be made available with this Goodman modular blower.

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