30,000 BTU Gas Furnace

30,000 BTU Gas Furnace

You’ve decided to take a more cost-effective approach to the use of an HVAC system. Switching out an electronic unit to a gas furnace can be highly effective at helping you save more money at the end of the month. These systems do not use power to operated, whereas an electric system will constantly utilize power while it is turned on. The next step of your process is to decide what size gas furnace will be appropriate. 

A 30,000 BTU gas furnace is one of the most popular sizes used, especially in homes and small offices with only one or two rooms. There are several benefits you can expect from a 30,000 BTU gas furnace, such as low gas usage, as well as adequate coverage in areas that measure up to 2,000 square feet. 

Opting for anything higher than a 30,000 BTU furnace in an area measuring less than 2,000 square feet can lead to wasted gas. This is because all you need to heat up this area is a power rating of 30,000 BTU per hour. Installing a bigger system means you’ll be using more gas than what is needed – while still getting the same level of heating. 

A 30,000 BTU gas furnace can run for just over three hours on a single gallon of your propane gas. This is what makes it such a cost-efficient solution to consider, apart from the fact that it won’t push up your power bill. 

When you decide on a 30,000 BTU gas furnace, your next step is to consider the specific model you wish to install. This should not be done on your own, as there are a few things that an installer needs to consider. 

Whether you already have an HVAC system or need a new one counts here. If you have an existing system installed, then the installer needs to consider its compatibility with gas furnaces. The expert will also be able to measure not only the floor square feet of the building but also determine the height from floor to ceiling – yes, this is another factor that can play a part in how effectively a furnace can distribute heated air. 

When it comes to buying a gas furnace 30,000 BTU system, the Furnace Outlet is your one-stop source. We stock 30,000 BTU gas furnace systems that are highly efficient and produced by Goodman, a top brand in the HVAC and air conditioning industry. Include your installer in the process of deciding on a specific model, which will ensure it is compatible with the HVAC solution you are looking to utilize. 

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