80,000 BTU Gas Furnace System

80,000 BTU Gas Furnace Systems

Heating up larger buildings require more power. This can lead to an excessive spike in your power bill, making your business expenses higher. Alternatives to the standard electrical air conditioning units and furnaces are available. One of the top options to consider would be a gas furnace. These units utilize gas as a power source to heat up the air. It can help to provide a significant reduction in the cost to regulate the interior temperature of a building. 

There are different sized gas furnaces on the market. Some are good for small apartments, while others can heat up large indoor spaces in commercial buildings. Whether you own a large office with multiple rooms or a big home, an 80,000 BTU gas furnace system is a powerful option that is still cost-effective. These systems can be coupled with a humidifier for a furnace, reducing the risk of dry air in the environment. 

When it comes to installing a furnace, choosing the right size is one of the most important tasks. You don't want to opt for a furnace that will only heat up a small area of the building. You also do not want to use a furnace that has a higher BTU rating than what you need. 

Your square feet measurement is taken into account when deciding what gas furnace system you will need. A higher square feet measurement calls for a bigger furnace. Generally, an 80,000 BTU gas furnace is able to provide coverage for areas larger than 1,900 square feet. This, however, is dependant on the climate of your region. A higher climate requires less power to heat up the area. If the climate is cold most of the time, then you’ll be needing more BTUs to generate heat. 

There are a few other factors that you should consider too—the insulation of your home or office building matters. Better insulation will require less power to heat up the environment. People who live in a double story house will find that the need for a powerful furnace system is significantly reduced at the lower level. The upper level creates more effective insulation. Consider how well your building is insulated, as this will help you make a more accurate decision in terms of your furnace. 

The Furnace Outlet can provide you with a range of gas furnaces that are made for both durability and performance. We do advise you to contact an installer beforehand, which will ensure you buy an 80,000 BTU gas furnace system that offers a more appropriate fit for your building. 

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