60,000 BTU Natural Gas Furnace System

60,000 BTU Gas Furnace Systems

There are many options to explore when trying to heat up your home during the winter months. While a fireplace and individual heaters are popular options, they have their negative sides. Your fireplace will only heat up a small area, such as the living room. Individual heaters are often insufficient at providing enough heat, or these may contribute to a much higher power bill. 

If you have a mid-sized house, then a more efficient alternative would be to consider installing a furnace. Furnace systems come in a wide variety of sizes, allowing you to get a perfect match for your home. A 60,000 BTU gas furnace system is generally a great option for covering homes with an interior size of up to 2,000 square feet. 

When looking at replacing a furnace cost, it is important to know what size furnace you will need. At The Furnace Outlet, we understand that each client has their own specific requirements and demands when it comes to installing a gas furnace system. When looking at wholesale furnace options, we are the more affordable option – giving our customers access to a range of Goodman furnace systems at wholesale prices. 

We carry a variety of furnace systems with a 60,000 BTU power rating. We advise our customers to start by measuring the size of their building. If you’re having difficulty calculating the square feet of the building, make sure you contact an HVAC installer that is local to your area. If the building has an interior measurement that is smaller than 2,000 square feet, then a 60,000 BTU gas furnace system may be sufficient. 

Considering the appropriate installation option for a gas furnace is also important. You should consider the amount of free space you have in the areas where the installation will be done. This will help you determine whether a floor, wall, or ceiling mounted solution will be the most appropriate option. 

Your HVAC installer will be a helpful asset in this process too. Ask your installer what the best installation option would be. It is important to get an idea of where and how you want to install the furnace before you choose one, as there are different models available. 

Another factor is the compatibility of the furnace system. If the furnace you buy is not compatible with the current HVAC system you use, then you’ll likely run into a problem. Make sure to show the available furnaces from our catalog to the professional who will be installing your furnace. They will be able to help you find the right one for your needs.

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