30,000 BTU Gas Furnace System

30,000 BTU Gas Furnace Systems

If you’ve been noticing the addition of an HVAC is causing your energy bill to rise too much, then you have probably chosen an electric furnace. Sure, the electric furnace helps to heat up your home quickly, but it comes at a cost. Over the long run, a gas furnace unit is going to cost you much less, helping you save on costs associated with regulating the temperature inside your home. 

A gas furnace runs on propane gas, which tends to be a much more affordable solution compared to an electric alternative. These units provide compatibility with different types of HVAC systems, which means it might be possible to fit a gas furnace into your existing installation. With this in mind, there won’t be additional expenses for installing a complete system. 

You will need to choose the right furnace unit not only for your HVAC system but also one that can heat up your high traffic areas. Various sizes are available, covering anything from small two-bedroom apartments to larger buildings that are home to multiple offices. 

A common option for smaller homes is a 30,000 BTU gas furnace unit. If you need this unit as a standalone option, you will need to consider its compatibility with the HVAC you are using. If you haven’t installed an HVAC system yet, make sure the additional components and hardware you buy can be used with your preferred 30,000 BTU gas furnace unit. 

The average coverage requirement for a gas furnace is 30 BTUs per 1,000 square feet of area. The size of the environment is not the only factor that accounts for coverage, however. Consider also looking at the climate of your region. If you live in a warm climate, then heating up your building takes less gas. A colder area would, of course, use more gas – as much as 60 BTUs per 1,000 square feet. 

Other factors that also contribute to the efficacy of your gas furnace include sun exposure, as well as insulation. Better insulation needs less power to heat up the inside of a building. The same goes for more sun exposure. 

If your building has a measurement of 1,000 square feet or less, then you might find a 30,000 BTU gas furnace unit to be an ideal fit. 

At the Furnace Outlet, we help our clients find a gas furnace of 30,000 BTU unit at wholesale prices. When you buy a 30,000 BTU furnace from the Furnace Outlet, you get a top-quality option within the Goodman line. 

Be sure to give your HVAC installer a call before buying your 30,000 BTU gas furnace unit. They need to ensure the furnace is compatible with your HVAC system and help you determine if it is the right size option. 

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30,000 BTU Gas Furnace System

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