LAARS 125MBTU No Pump Boiler Model JVS125NDISU2


As low as $42.85 per month


Mini-Therm® JVS

The Laars Mini-Therm gas-fired, residential hydronic boiler is an ideal heating appliance that can reduce homeowners heating costs and has plenty of capacity to keep even the largest home comfortable on the coldest days. 
Extremely popular with homeowners, the JVS model offers an attractive and easy-to service jacket. Well-known for it's economy, the Mini-Therm has a built-in draft diverter and automatic vent damper to stop your valuable fuel payments from disappearing up the chimney in wasted heat.  
Reliable, gas-fired hydronic boiler with compact design and small footprint, the Mini-Therm JVS  has a low-mass heat exchanger, a super-quick heating response and is up to 85% AFUE, making it the perfect economic and environmentally responsible choice.
Available in 50, 75, 100, 125, 160, and 225 MBH Models
JVS Features
Intermittent spark (JVS) ignition
Up to 85% AFUE  
Unique copper tube and cast iron heat exchanger
Outdoor reset and auto set point
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