Air conditioning in your home is not just about helping to cool down the environment. These devices offer a multifunctional design that can both heat air or cool it down. When you install an HVAC system, however, you do need to take note of whether it comes fitted with this particular feature or not.

During warmer months of the year, your preferences may lead to a cooler temperature on the thermostat. The air conditioning unit will suck air in from the environment and then run the air over a coil. The coil's temperature is reduced by the electronic system inside, causing the air that flows over the structure to cool down. 

By adding a furnace to your HVAC system, you get more than just this cooling function. Furnaces are a type of industrial heating system. While often considered an industrial piece of hardware, many companies now produce furnaces that are also appropriate for home use. 

Furnaces are versatile and can be fitted with the existing HVAC system that you own. Alternatively, they can be easily coupled with an HVAC system if you do not have one yet. It is possible to buy furnaces as part of a complete package, but there are also times where you may find yourself in need of an individual unit. 

At The Furnace Outlet, we understand that needs differ between customers. This is why we not only offer complete HVAC systems with both heating and cooling functions but also give our customers an opportunity to buy furnaces as standalone units. 

Our wholesale furnace store gives you access to better quality hardware. This means you get a more efficient system that won't fail you anytime soon. At the same time, we always strive to keep our prices as low as we can – which is why you'll see we often tend to charge wholesale prices instead of the price tag you'll notice at a local retailer. Even the slightest reduction in price for a furnace can essentially help you save hundreds, if not thousands. 

To provide you with the most efficient installation experience, we also carry the appropriate accessories and installation hardware that might be needed in the process. A furnace plenum kit, for example, can easily be coupled with your purchase of a furnace from our store. 

When you feel unsure about the specific furnaces or additional hardware you may require, we do recommend you consult with an expert in the field of installation. Be sure to look for an expert in your local area or contact one you are already familiar with. 

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