Single Zone Mini Split

Wholesale Ductless Mini-Splits Buying Guide

Maximizing the efficiency of a heating or cooling system in a building really starts with understanding your own needs, as well as the requirements of the building itself. When it comes to looking at furnace wholesale opportunities, knowing what you are looking for makes the process faster, more convenient and ensures you end up paying less instead of more. 

A large range of equipment can be added to an air conditioning system to help you achieve specific goals. This includes heat pumps, which essentially helps to control the flow of hot air in the building. Heat pumps can either push hot air into your building or remove a build-up of hot air from the interior. Both of these functions can be incredibly convenient, given that they are used at the right times. 

Not all buildings have multiple rooms that need access to the installed heat pump system. In certain cases, only one room may require access to the system's functions – or require the ability to have independent control over the heat pump's function.

In these scenarios, a single room ductless mini split heat pump could be the solution that you are looking for. This hardware can be combined into your current system, whether you have an existing factory air conditioner or rather setting things up at home. Once installed, this particular heat pump configuration will give you the ability to provide enhanced temperature control to a specific room in the house. 

Coverage directly depends on the size of the mini split heat pump you decide to buy – which is why measurement of the room's square footage is an important step that you need to take. Realizing how big or small the room is will help guide you toward a tonnage to select when buying the heat pump. 

For small bedrooms, you may often find that a single room ductless mini split heat pump with a 1.5 ton size is enough. In cases where you have an office with a large single-room open plan design, you might find that this size does not cover all areas. This is when you want to look at upgrades – which generally range up to 5 tons. 

Another important step to take before you decide which heat pump on our catalog to buy, you should talk to a professional. It is important that a professional complete the installation for the heat pump you buy. This will help to minimize the risk of complications and enhance the overall safety of the system post-install. A professional also helps you get a better idea of which single room unit you'll need to buy to meet your needs. 

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Single Zone Mini Split

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