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Ductless Mini Splits Outdoor Units

Ductless mini splits have become some of the most widely used air conditioning units on the market. There are several reasons why homeowners and businesses are turning to these HVAC solutions, particularly when compared to other options that are generally considered standard. 

Energy efficiency is often seen as one of the more important reasons why a ductless mini-split is chosen. Due to the specific layout used in these systems, it is possible to turn specific zones off when those rooms are not used. This is different from a standard HVAC unit, as the device will not continuously run at full power but rather scale down to the requirements of your building.

While it is possible to buy a complete system, there are times where you might find yourself in need of only a specific unit. A ductless mini-split consists of two major systems – this includes both the indoor and the outdoor units. Each of these is necessary to complete the installation and provide temperature regulation functions inside the building. 

At the Furnace Outlet, we are able to cater to different needs that you may have. Our selection of Goodman outdoor units gives you better performance, regardless of how big or small the building might be. We stock smaller mini split air conditioner units that help to provide a solution for your home. Additionally, our inventory also consists of options, such as a furnace 100,000 BTU unit, that can offer enhanced coverage in a commercial building. These higher-powered units are ideal for factories, warehouses, and facilities with large zones to cover. 

When you buy your ductless mini split outdoor unit from the Furnace Outlet, you can rest assured that you are getting a top-quality set of hardware. Our systems are quality tested to ensure the unit delivered to you will provide efficient functionality. By cutting out the middleman often utilized by commercial retailers, we are also able to deliver our selection of units at more affordable prices. Take a closer look at the products in our catalog, and you’ll find we charge our customers wholesale prices – perfect for those who need to save a bit extra to reduce expenses on the business’s side. 

With a large selection of outdoor units, it might be a good idea to first talk to a local installer in the area. You will need to ensure the system you buy can be used with an existing HVAC installation or that multiple units you buy for a new installation are compatible with each other.

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