Multi Room Ductless Mini Split

Multi-Room Ductless Mini Splits

While ductless mini-split systems are convenient when you need control over the temperature in individual rooms, note that these systems do not come without their limitations. There are times where a single room system may not be the most efficient solution for your building. Consider an environment where there is a large number of rooms in the building. 

In these cases, you can still utilize the benefits that these systems offer by looking at multi-room ductless mini-splits. These systems are designed to still give you more control over specific regions of your building but may be more cost-effective when you have many rooms to cover. The multi-room system is installed with blowers in specific rooms that the specific thermostat should control. 

You can install more than one multi-room ductless mini-split system in the building, providing a more regional control setup. This way, you have specific zones, each controlled by its own thermostat. 

With a multi-room system, you can opt for a more powerful furnace and air conditioner combination. While it is not necessary to go all the way up to a 100000 BTU furnace, you can still opt for one that provides more power – this would essentially lead to better heat distribution during those colder months of the year. 

Whether you are looking at a used furnace sale or want to buy a new system, you need to ensure the company you buy from is trustworthy. Considering the brand of the mini-split system you buy is also an important factor, as this tells you what to expect from your HVAC installation. 

The Furnace Outlet has been in operation for many years. We've gained the trust of our clients as a leading provider of professional, industrial quality furnaces, air conditioning units, and other HVAC hardware – while also keeping our prices lower than the competition. 

When you buy from our Goodman range of HVAC systems, including a range of customizable multi-room ductless splits, you'll find that quality is our main priority. 

We also want our customers to take note of compatibility. When setting up a multi-room ductless split, it is crucial to ensure it is compatible with the existing HVAC solution you have. Even when this is a new installation, ensuring the hardware you buy are compatible with each other is important. 

You'll find that the entire process runs smoothly and without complications when you first turn to a professional installer before buying your mini-duct system. An installer will be able to take a closer look at your property and advise on the specific system to buy. 

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Multi Room Ductless Mini Split

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