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Ductless Mini Split Wall Mounted Indoor Units

No matter how useful a set of hardware may be in your building, if it takes up too much space in the building, it will likely lead to an interference in your daily operations. With this in mind, it is important to consider how you can utilize the space available with maximum efficiency. This is not only a factor to take into consideration at the workplace but also at home. These are all important factors when installing an air conditioner and heater system in the building. 

When opting for a 30000 BTU electric furnace or a more powerful option, you will often be presented with an option to get a floor-mounted system. This is even more common when looking at a factory air conditioner. The hardware needed to power up these systems is larger, which calls for more space. 

The good news is, there are ways to improve the efficiency of space used by your air conditioning system without causing an interruption in daily operations. 

First, consider the area you want to use the HVAC system in. If there is not just an open area but rather enclosed rooms, then you might want to consider opting for a ductless mini-split system. These systems give each room its own separate air handler, which also means temperature settings can be changed individually. 

The installation process for these units are less intrusive compared to your average HVAC system and tend to utilize smaller components. Similar to a standard HVAC solution, a ductless mini-split still utilizes an indoor and outdoor unit. 

To help save on the amount of floor space used, consider opting for a wall-mounted indoor unit. These units provide sufficient power to help regulate the temperature of multiple rooms but does not take up any additional space on your floor. 

You still have a versatile selection of units to choose from when opting for a wall-mounted ductless mini-split. The major difference between these units and alternatives is where they mount. 

Do keep in mind that you require enough space to ensure you can proceed with the installation – something that should be factored in before you choose a specific ductless mini-split wall-mounted system. 

This is where a quick consultation with your HVAC installer can be valuable. Ask your installer to take a look at the building where the ductless mini-split will be installed. Ensure there is enough space on the wall and that a wall-mounted option will be a suitable choice. A local HVAC expert will also help you determine what model will be most suited for the inside of your building. 

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