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Ductless Mini Splits Floor Mounted Indoor Units

You’ve decided to get an air conditioning system installed in your building. This is an important step to take when looking at methods for improving indoor air quality. These systems are also essential for gaining more control over the temperature of your building. 

You have a few choices to make when you want to get an HVAC system up and running. Your first decision to make should be related to the type of air conditioning system you wish to install. A standard HVAC system uses multiple components in order to provide an air conditioning solution throughout your building. A single thermostat is installed, which controls the entire system. 

With a ductless split air conditioner unit, each room can have its own air handler. This also means that the temperature in each room can be adjusted independently from the others. 

Air conditioner and heating systems that use a ductless mini-split unit come in a variety of models. At the Furnace Outlet, we focus on giving our customers maximum flexibility in terms of their choices. This is why we offer indoor units as separate units, allowing you to get access to a more customizable system. 

You do need to consider what mounting solution you are looking for. There are a few factors you can use to help you choose the right type of mounting option. In cases where you find that your environment will require a more powerful system, you will likely find that the indoor units required are larger. In these scenarios, a wall-mounted option may not be appropriate. The same applies to a ductless mini-split that is mounted to the sealing. 

In these scenarios, you will find our selection of floor mounted indoor units may be the more ideal solution. The Furnace Outlet is able to give you access to top Goodman branded units that are powerful and fit your specific needs. 

When you feel unsure about the specific unit or mounting solution required by your building, you should contact the person who will be dealing with the installation beforehand. Reaching out to experts in the HVAC industry is important, as you want your system to be as efficient as possible following the installation process. 

The HVAC installation service provider will be able to work closely with you while deciding which split system you need to buy. This will result in a better fit and reduce the risk of requiring exchanges or replacements due to the incompatibility of the system you buy. 

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