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Indoor Recessed Duct Mini Splits

A modern interior calls for stylish hardware and equipment, regardless of their functionality. Many people are moving toward a more modern set of HVAC equipment too. These systems allow you to provide efficient heating and cooling functions in a building without disrupting the interior décor you are striving for. When this is the goal of your interior design, then choosing an appropriate HVAC system should be crucial. 

While there are many options to choose from, you may find that an indoor recessed ductless mini-split system offers a better blend with the modern interior you have developed. These systems have a lot in common with indoor cassettes and also come in a wide range of models, sometimes ranging up to as high as a 100,000 BTU furnace. 

Similar to the use of a cassette system, an indoor recessed unit will be installed directly into your ceiling. These systems can be used in most buildings that require an air conditioning unit. It is possible to have an indoor recessed system installed at home – each room can even have its own air handler. Commercial buildings, such as offices, can also greatly benefit from these systems – providing customers and employees with the right temperature and enhanced air quality, all without interfering with the décor. 

An indoor recessed system is sometimes also referred to as a concealed duct. This is due to the recessed structure of these units. While a cassette will point somewhat outward from the ceiling, this particular option is rather mounted toward an inward position. 

Your first step should be to consider the compatibility of your building. If you already own an outdoor unit, you should also see if you can find an indoor recessed mini split that is compatible with the existing installation. In this scenario, you won’t have to worry about buying a complete system. 

Look for an air conditioner installation company that can provide you with an expert opinion. A physical inspection of your property is important. This allows an expert to determine where the splits can be installed and whether your ceiling is appropriate for this type of air conditioner system. 

The Furnace Outlet can help you find the most ideal solution for your HVAC needs. Our selection of indoor recessed ductless mini-splits gives you a concealed appearance that blends in with the existing interior of your building. At the same time, our systems are highly efficient and come in models that suit your needs. Whether you only need an indoor unit or require a complete system, we have solutions that will help you get the best air conditioning system for your home or office. 

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