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Convenience and minimal invasion are often two of the most critical factors that people keep in mind while shopping for an air conditioning system. While many solutions exist, a ductless mini-split continues to remain one of the most popular options that people opt for. These systems are great for both commercial and residential properties. 

Simply deciding on a ductless mini-split is not enough, as you'll soon discover that there are quite a few different types to filter through and choose from. With this in mind, start by considering both the features that each option offers while also taking into account specific needs and preferences from your side. 

A minimal approach to the installation of an air conditioning system is a priority for many people. Unfortunately, many of the standard systems on the market – including some ductless mini-splits – can take up more space than you have free. 

An air conditioner installation process that uses an indoor cassette, however, helps to free up all space on the wall and floor. At the same time, these systems are able to offer you a superior distribution of either cold or warm air – particularly due to the installation location utilized. 

An indoor cassette system will be installed directly in the ceiling. A non-intrusive cassette is placed in the ceiling, with all of the air conditioner equipment hidden behind this panel. 

The cassette is able to help filter air. In turn, this provides better air quality in the room. Cleaning out the cassette is also a relatively effortless task and only needs to be done about once a month. The filter is simply cleaned and reinstalled, and most people find that they can do this themselves. 

The fact that an indoor cassette will distribute air from all four corners further adds to the efficiency offered inside your building. 

Automatic sensors inside an indoor cassette further add to the convenience offered by this choice. These sensors are able to detect the current temperature in the room and provide automatic adjustments to the thermostat. 

The Furnace Outlet gives you an opportunity to find an indoor cassette system that helps to create a less invasive air conditioner installation in your room. The cassettes we carry offer you the quality you deserve, along with the functions you need to make your home or office more convenient. 

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