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Ductless Mini Splits - Indoor Units Only

While searching for a solution to help regulate the interior temperature of a building, one thing that most people struggle with is deciding between HVAC systems and mini-split units. Each of these systems has its pros and cons to consider, but many people are turning to ductless mini splits in order to help them be more efficient with energy usage. 

When your installed ductless mini-split system gives you problems or does not offer sufficient coverage, you might want to get a replacement. In many cases, your outdoor unit could still be in perfect condition, so buying an entirely new system would essentially be a waste of money. By turning to ductless mini-split indoor units, you get a replacement part for the specific hardware that is giving you problems. 

At The Furnace Outlet, we focus on helping to make air conditioning a reality for any business, big or small – and this involves keeping our prices as low as we possibly can. To help your purchasing process be more cost-effective, we've included a range of indoor units as standalone hardware for the ductless mini-split system that you might already have. If you are looking to buy your units separately, then this list of hardware we offer would also be ideal for you. 

The Goodman range of indoor units we stock provide compatibility with specific outdoor systems. Be sure to take this into consideration while you are looking at replacement parts or buying your hardware separately. When you decide to opt for one of the indoor units we offer you, you will need to check that it is compatible with the outdoor system you’ll be installing. 

It can sometimes be confusing to create the perfect match for your environment, which is why we offer a simple way to browse through our catalog. When you take a closer look at a product we stock, you'll notice that we give you the full model number. We also provide an overview of the model compatibility. This will help you create a better match between an indoor and outdoor unit when installing a ductless mini-split system. It also makes it easier to find an indoor unit as a replacement part. 

We also recommend checking with the professional who will be installing your indoor unit. We do offer not only a range of complete units but also specific parts. For example, if there is a fault with the heating system, replacing the heat pump mini-splits part may be all that is needed to restore efficient temperature regulation. Your HVAC installer will be able to deliver comments on what is required to fix an existing system or help you find a good pair of hardware to couple for a new installation. 

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