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  1. This is Why We Sell Goodman Products

    This is Why We Sell Goodman Products

    For more than thirty years, the Goodman brand has concentrated on something more significant than simple brand-acknowledgment consumer advertising. Since 1982, the company has focused on assisting millions of homeowners to achieve high-quality, reliable, and reasonably-priced indoor comfort with products that are assembled, designed, and engineered in the U.S.A.  Because of this, the Goodman brand has obtained the respect and loyalty from thousands of local independent cooling and heating professionals throughout North America.

    With that said, it's no wonder why several of the country’s HVAC experts suggest the Goodman brand. After all, HVAC wholesalers and technicians are totally at ease with Goodman brand products that keep their clients happy and improve their own reputation.

    All Goodman brand manufacturing facilities are I

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  2. Here's How to Find a Quiet HVAC System

    Here's How to Find a Quiet HVAC System

    At the very least, your HVAC system should not be keeping you up at night. If you find yourself turning up the volume on your television or worrying that you won't hear the doorbell because of how loud your HVAC system is, it might be time to reevaluate your unit. To ensure that you have the quietest HVAC system possible, there are several factors that you must consider. So, to assist you in finding the most silent HVAC system, we have spelled out these factors in this blog post.

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  3. The Best New Year's Resolutions to Ensure That Your HVAC System Makes It Through Another Decade

    The Best New Year's Resolutions to Ensure That Your HVAC System Makes It Through Another Decade
    Hopefully, at this point in the new year, you're already working hard to fulfill those resolutions you set for yourself before the ball dropped and the curtain closed on 2019. More than likely, your resolutions have to do with bettering certain aspects of your personal and professional life, whether it's hitting the gym more than once a week or working even harder to earn that promotion at work. And, though these are admirable goals, perhaps you should also look to bettering other aspects of your life - like your HVAC system. Hear me out. Maintaining your home's HVAC system ensures that you'll have a comfortable year (and at that, an inexpensive year). Though it might not be something that you think about on a regular basis, your HVAC system keeps you cozy or cool throughout the appropriate seasons - and that's important. So, to ensure that your HVAC system makes it through another decade of service, we've come up with just a few New Year's resolutions that you should add to your list
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  4. Package Units Vs. Split Systems

    Package Units Vs. Split Systems

    In the world of HVAC, there are two main kinds of systems that are installed for heating and cooling purposes in the United States: package units and split systems. Though there is no clear "better" system, there are differences present in each system that caters specifically to different building requirements. So, which system is better suited for your home? We seek to answer this question in this blog post. 

    What is a package unit and how does it work?
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  5. How to Fix a Clogged Condensate Drain

    How to Fix a Clogged Condensate Drain

    If you're not in the habit of doing regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit, then you might one day find yourself dealing with a clogged AC condensate drain. If you don't take the time to clean the drain properly, things like algae and mold can find their way into the drain, causing elevated humidity levels, unpleasant, musty odors, and sometimes significant water damage inside of your home. So, to ensure that you avoid any associated damage caused by a clogged condensate drain, we've outlined how to clean out and maintain your AC condensate drain.

    First off, what is a condensate drain?
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  6. How to Choose the Right HVAC System to Ease Your Allergies

    How to Choose the Right HVAC System to Ease Your Allergies

    Now that we're in the thick of allergy season, many might be wondering what they can do to ease their allergies while at home. The indoor pollution that causes you to experience certain allergy symptoms can often be attributed to pet dander, mold, dust mites, pollen, and cockroach droppings. Though your HVAC system's air filters are designed to trap these allergens once they become airborne, those who might *cough cough* forget to conduct general maintenance on their HVAC systems (like clean or swap out their filters) likely feel the indoor allergies kick in just a bit more. Thankfully, to help ease your year-round allergies, we have put together a list of ways to ensure that your HVAC system is equipped to allergy-proof your home.

    Invest in Quality Air Filters

    To ensure that the air filter in your HVAC system can catch and trap even the smallest particles, you should invest in a filter that has a high MERV rating. MERV ratings range from one to 20, with

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