2.5 Ton

Wholesale Air Handlers Buying Guide

Often located in an attic, basement, or closet, the air handler “handles” the air inside of your space and delivers warm or cool air throughout the space. Air handlers can be especially beneficial in cooler climates, since a heat kit or heat strip can be installed along with the air handler that enables the air handler to heat your space during colder months. 

Air handlers have the capability of being installed in a myriad of positions in order to blow air out in the most convenient way for each owner.

Our handlers come in a variety of configurations:


Wall Mount

Upflow Downflow


Upflow Horizontal

Downflow Horizontal


You have chosen a multi-position air handler, meaning that the air can flow upwards or downwards into your space.

You have also chosen to purchase a 2.5 ton air handling unit, meaning that you are likely pairing this air handler with your air conditioner, as the tonnage of your air handler (which is determined by its blower motor) must match the tonnage of your air conditioner. 

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