Multi Position Air Handler

Multi-Position Air Handlers

Saving space while still providing adequate air conditioning features in a building should be a priority. Installing an HVAC system can help you regulate the temperature more efficiently, whether you operate in a small or big building. Another major advantage offered by air conditioning units is the fact that they help to enhance air quality. 

Choosing the right AC units for your building is an important step to take full advantage of these systems, but there is also additional equipment that you should focus on. When browsing through a catalog of a furnace warehouse, understand what type of air handler will work best with your building. 

Various air handlers can be selected, including options that mount to the floor, ceiling, or wall. In times where you feel uncertain about the ideal mounting position, opting for multi-position air handlers may be a good alternative. These air handlers do not come with a fixed mounting position. Instead, they allow more flexibility in terms of mounting and installation options. 

The Furnace Outlet gives you access to a wide range of air handlers that can be coupled with your HVAC system. Our factory stocks a selection of Goodman air handlers that provide perfect compatibility with one of the top-rated brands in the industry.

Our multi-position air handlers give you maximum flexibility when setting up your HVAC system. This hardware can be mounted at a location that is most ideal for the environment you are working with. This allows you to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system. 

The Goodman range of air handlers come in various models, ensuring you get a system that is just right for the size of your building. The air handlers we stock features a blower, a coil, and other equipment needed for efficiency.

When buying your multi-position air handler from the Furnace Outlet, it's always important to consult with the professional who will be doing the installation for you. The installer will be able to deliver their expert opinion on the options that are available to you. They can also help you determine what air conditioning system you currently have in the building. This ensures you do not face compatibility issues after buying an air handler. 

Be sure to talk with the installer about the best mounting positions too. They can help you determine where a multi-position air handler will be most efficient. The primary idea would be to help maximize the effects on air quality while also providing better distribution of air throughout the entire inside of the building. 

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