Ceiling Mount Air Handler

Ceiling Mounted Air Handlers

When floor space is limited, or you are concerned about tripping hazards in a warehouse, it is important to look at alternative mounting options for your AC units. Whether installed an air conditioner 5 ton or 1.5-ton system, there remain multiple components that form part of your HVAC solution. The air handler is one such example. Turning to ceil mounted air handlers opens up more space on the ground while still offering you a sufficient way of covering large indoor regions. 

Whether looking for air conditioner replacement parts or complete air handler systems, as the Furnace Outlet, we have a selection of items that are sure to meet your needs. Our range of ceiling-mounted air handlers is manufactured by top brands in the industry, giving you a solution that not only lasts longer but also works more efficiently. 

The first step to buying one of our ceilings mounted air handlers is to check with your HVAC expert. Compatibility is a crucial factor to take into account. You might already have an HVAC system installed, which means the air handler you buy should fit with the air conditioning unit. 

An expert in this industry can give you more details on what will work best when it comes to using an air handler that is mounted to the ceiling. 

You should consider whether you are buying a complete system or just a single part. There are times where you may simply require a few replacement parts. In these scenarios, a technician should first inspect your hardware. They can give you more details on what is wrong with the HVAC system and provide you with an accurate overview of the parts needed. 

When you need a new air handler, you can rely on the range we stock. 

Our air handlers come as complete packaged solutions. This means all systems come with the appropriate parts needed to circulate air, including a pre-fitted coil that helps to regulate the temperature. We can help you find an air handler that is compatible with the existing HVAC system you have, as we carry a wide range of Goodman systems. 

Start by considering your model number. Then, match the model number to the air handlers you find on this page. These are all ceiling mounted options that help to provide even distribution of air throughout the building. Our selection also offers ceiling mounted options for various HVAC system sizes, whether it is covering a small office or a large warehouse. 

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