Standard PTACs

Standard Room PTACs

Are you looking for a superior HVAC solution that offers more efficiency and covers a larger space than a typical HVAC solution? The Furnace Outlet presents standard Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) that offer superior utility and enhanced functionality without cramping your budget. 

A Standard PTAC is a viable option for those who need to exercise greater control over the interiors of a large space, such as a multi-room building. This equation typically applies to schools and universities, board rooms, hotels, corporate and commercial facilities. Overwhelmingly large multi-room spaces require a more robust and powerful heating and cooling solution. 

At the Furnace Outlet, we offer a convenient and straightforward buying process to help you invest in the right PTAC solution for your property. Our discount furnace rates will add more value to your investment!

One of the first factors that we point out to our clients is understanding the various types of PTAC systems and their functions. The type and size of a PTAC system is a crucial factor in determining its quality and capabilities. Standard PTACs are a great fit for schools, hotels, corporate spaces, and commercial areas. 

A standard PTAC system is much easier to install and set up, and it offers ample coverage for guest rooms, classrooms, board rooms, and dining spaces. However, before you start shopping for our discount furnaces, it is important to understand the requirements you seek in a PTAC system. 

At the Furnace Outlet, a highly reputed wholesaler, we have a diverse experience of providing standard PTACs to various corporate, commercial, and institutional clients. We specialize in helping our clients identify solutions that offer them superior coverage, functionality, and affordability for their multi-room spaces. We understand that our clients seek out cost-effective rates. Our selection of standard PTACs stands unrivaled industrywide in terms of variety and affordability. 

Are you looking to invest in a new standard PTAC system? Or perhaps, you want to save up with an older, scratch, and dent solution? At The Furnace Outlet, we have a wide selection of ideal options suited to the budget and functionality needs of all our clients. 

We encourage our clients to explore our catalog of models and options and conduct diligent research before buying decisions. Finding the right PTAC system that offers adequate coverage for your multi-room space is a challenge that requires deliberation and consideration. We usually recommend our clients to start by undertaking accurate measurements of their entire space. 

Besides measuring the guest room or board room, you must combine the square footage of all the spaces to determine the exact heating and cooling requirements. Keep in mind that a standard PTAC is a very sophisticated system and not ideal for the DIY route. You will need to hire a trained HVAC installer. 

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Standard PTACs

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