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The diverse and complex heating and cooling needs of commercial spaces require a heavy-duty HVAC system that offers a superior capacity and functionality. Larger buildings have heightened cooling and heating requirements as the climate begins to fluctuate. If you’re looking for an HVAC system to cool up a multi-room space, you need a PTAC with a multi-room system. 

We recommend our clients with one-room spaces or small apartment rooms to invest in a heat pump mini split because of its spatially compact and efficient size. The size and expanse of the space determine its heating and cooling needs. Hotels and large commercial facilities usually consider a PTAC system over multiple smaller HVAC systems. 

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) are a much more cost-effective and functional investment. They offer numerous advantages over a standard HVAC system. Whether you’re shopping for a large residential space, a hotel, or a commercial outlet, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the specifications and the capabilities you need within a PTAC system. 

PTACs and HVAC systems are quite similar, but they have a few defining differences that make the former a better investment for large buildings. You see, PTACs are more cost-effective and superior solutions for hotels and corporate buildings. They offer a quieter alternative with a less intrusive installation process. More importantly, PTACs do not take up excessive space on the floor and allow superior control over temperature regulation. 

Essentially, a PTAC is a commercial-grade heating and cooling system that offers an ideal multi-room solution. Heating and cooling multi-room spaces with multiple windows can prove to be a serious challenge, particularly during severe temperatures. PTACs offer robust and state of the art air conditioning functions that are ideal for large and expansive environments. 

Typically, the installation process requires the HVAC installer to create a wall sleeve for assistance. However, when compared with an HVAC system, a PTAC is much easier to install. You see, unlike most traditional HVAC systems, a PTAC does not require additional ductwork. 

A PTAC also scores additional points for its superior efficiency than most other alternatives, particularly for multi-room spaces. Corporate and commercial outlets, particularly hotels and offices, are attracted to PTACs because they do not make as much noise as other, more traditional alternatives. So basically, a PTAC does not cast any negative effects on employee and customer retention.

PTACs have emerged as an ideally-suited cooling system for various large buildings and environments, including schools, classrooms, university dorm rooms, offices, and shopping malls. When shopping for PTACs, it is essential to keep a close eye on the BTU power rating to determine the capabilities of the system. For wider and large environments, you need a higher BTU to enjoy an efficient cooling capacity. 

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