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Packaged Units

Packaged Air Conditioners

Installing a new HVAC system in a commercial building often comes with its limitations. One of the biggest obstacles faced is the fact that these systems can take up a significant amount of space. While an indoor unit can provide faster access to controls, it also reduces the available floor space. This can be an inconvenience to factory and office workers, which is why considering an outdoor solution is sometimes the better way to go. 

Air conditioner packaged units provide a convenient way of keeping the central unit outdoors and expanding the reach of the system itself. With a standard air conditioning 3 ton system, for example, each unit would be separate. This also means every part of the air conditioning system needs to be installed at its own individual location, essentially taking up a more significant amount of space. 

With a packaged unit, all the parts that make up the AC system will be housed in a single casing. The units inside are installed in a specific order to ensure everything works together without causing overheating, damage to the internal components, or other hazards. 

The first step to choosing a packaged unit is to understand the requirements of your building. A packaged unit is generally advised for factories and other commercial properties, as they tend to provide higher power systems that cover larger areas. 

We recommend contacting your HVAC installer before proceeding with your purchase. You should essentially work with the installer when choosing a packaged unit. Get an expert opinion from the professionals who will be dealing with the installation – this type of information can be valuable to ensure you buy the right system. 

The area inside your building will be measured before a proper recommendation can be made. The square feet measurement of the building’s interior will help the installer determine what the best sized packaged unit will be. The climate of your location is also accounted for, allowing the installer to consider what tonnage and BTU ratings you need for perfect temperature regulation inside.

Packaged units will generally be installed outside and then connected to additional hardware that runs throughout the interior of the building. 

When looking at an air con for sale, it is important to take these factors, as well as the pricing, into account. At the Furnace Outlet, we provide our clients with the best prices. With no added retail store prices, you can get a packaged air conditioning unit at a wholesale price, saving you a significant amount in terms of the investment you need to make. 

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