Single Room

Single Room Ductless Mini Split

Installing an HVAC system in a building with multiple rooms can sometimes be a challenge. Your standard options may not be sufficient. There are various possibilities. You can choose to have a standard system with both an indoor handler and an outdoor system, but these have their own limitations. For example, you would have to be happy with a single temperature running through the entire building – with no individual customization options available. 

The alternative option is to consider the use of a mini ductless system. These systems are able to provide more control over the temperature of each room. Different types of mini splits exist, allowing you to choose an option that is most sufficient for your building. 

The Furnace Outlet helps you find the solution that is most convenient and cost-effective for you, whether installing an air conditioning unit at home or at the office. Our range of single room ductless mini-splits provides maximum control while also eliminating the risk of energy wastage. 

When turning to the Furnace Outlet for a single room system, there is no need to look for a gas furnace clearance sale. We specialize in giving every customer access to the single room ductless mini splits they need at the best price possible. Take a quick look at our prices, and you'll see we don't charge the prices you would find at retail outlets. Instead, we offer wholesale pricing, cutting the middle man while also giving you access to better quality systems. 

If you are interested in installing single-room units, you may still not be completely sure what this option would offer over a more industrial-based solution. Compared to an air conditioner 5 ton system, your single room units will use a significantly lower amount of energy. This saves you money in the long run, as you’ll notice your energy bill suddenly drops. 

With a single room ductless mini-split, you can be more conservative. Your standard HVAC system needs to run at full power and continue providing air conditioning functions to the entire building, even when there are unoccupied rooms. The single room system, however, allows you to switch off the air conditioning in rooms that are not used. 

Not sure which solution is right? Contacting your installer is definitely a recommendation. Using a local installer for your HVAC solution needs to be a priority. They should come out to your building and do an inspection. This allows the installer to determine the most effective solution for your home or office. They can also help you find the single room ductless splits that will provide better compatibility with the existing HVAC hardware you own. 

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Single Room

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