5 Ton AC Systems

5 Ton Air Conditioner Systems

When you run a large business, you want to maximize efficiency – and avoid arriving just to find that employees are bundling up at the air conditioning system to keep themselves cool. Air conditioning systems are not only installed to cool down the factory or office but also serves as a way of improving air quality. Better air quality can do wonders for employees and provide cleaner air for everyone to breathe. 

With 5 ton air conditioner systems, you get greater coverage for areas with a larger square feet measurement. These systems are ideal for factory floors, department stores, and shopping centers. You provide customers, employees, and other individuals a way of keeping cool when the sun is out while also filtering air and deliver better overall air quality. 

The selection of Goodman systems we stock gives you access to various options, ranging up to a 5 ton air conditioner. The fact that we stock Goodman products means the air conditioner installation process will be easier, as most experts are already familiar with the brand. 

When it comes to installing an HVAC system in a large room, looking for a cheap air conditioner should never be considered. Cheap systems may not provide adequate filtering of your indoor air, or it may pack up on you after just a year or two of use. 

Fortunately, The Furnace Outlet works directly with you instead of going through third parties. This gives us the capability to deliver 5 ton air conditioner systems at wholesale prices – which will generally be significantly lower compared to the current retail value of the systems. 

With a complete system delivered to you, it is possible to install both a heat and air conditioner in one go. This type of system delivers better temperature control in any weather condition, while both functions will continue to help enhance the indoor air quality at your office or factory floor. 

Working closely with your installer when buying a 5 ton air conditioning system from The Furnace Outlet will essentially provide better satisfaction. With our selection, you have a variety of options to choose from – including different BTU ratings. 

The BTU rating tells you how powerful the heating function of the included furnace is and also delivers an idea of how much gas the system will utilize. Higher gas consumption can be expected with 120,000 and 100,000 BTU ratings but may provide better heating functions in large open indoor areas. We also recommend talking to your installer about the best mounting options before deciding on an air conditioning system. 

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5 Ton AC Systems

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