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3 Ton AC Unit FAQs

How many square feet does a 3 ton AC unit cover?

Depending on the climate of your region, a 3 ton air conditioner device will supply cool air to an area of up to 2,100 square feet. To find the area of your room, measure the length and width of your room in feet, then multiply these measurements to get the total square footage.

Note: An air conditioner needs 20 BTU per square foot of living space as a general rule, but you may have to weigh other factors such as ceiling height and the scale of your windows and doorways. Having proper insulation and seals on windows and doors can also enhance the effectiveness of a 3 ton air conditioning unit. 

What’s the difference between a 2.5 ton and 3 ton AC unit?

A 2.5 ton air conditioner can cool an area of 1,201 to 1,650 square feet, while a 3 ton air conditioner can cool an area of up to 2,100 square feet. It's crucial to remember the scale of the structure you're trying to cool. If you choose an air conditioner that is too big for your home, you will end up paying a lot more money without adding any benefit. 

The Furnace Outlet also offers a variety of room air conditioners that can provide effective cooling without taking up as much space.

How much does a 3 ton AC unit cost?

The cost of our 3 ton air conditioning units can range from $1,300 - $5,000. If you’re looking for a more affordable unit, a room air conditioner can be an effective and lower-cost option. Units built to cool larger areas tend to cost more than units built to cool smaller ones. View our full collection of air conditioner systems to find the model that’s right for you.

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Keeping your home, business, or office cool during the summer months is vital, but it can be difficult without a full HVAC system. Keeping medium-sized office spaces cool is a breeze when you use our 3 ton air conditioning systems. Explore our selection of 3 ton AC units today!

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