2.5 Ton AC Systems

2.5 Ton AC Systems

2.5 Ton Air Conditioning Systems

An air conditioner and heater in an office can be exceptionally useful during all seasons of the year. In winter months, employees and customers feel cozier once they step foot inside the office, as the heater function can be activated. With a simple adjustment, cool air is blown into the environment, reducing a build-up of heat during summer months. When the area is not too big, you don’t need an oversized air conditioning system. A 2.5 ton air conditioning system is ideal for medium-sized offices and also doubles as a solution for larger residential properties. 

The first step before your purchase is to measure the area in the room in square feet. This measurement can be used to help you determine if a 2.5 ton system will provide sufficient coverage for the area. It is important to take this into account, as opting for a slightly bigger air conditioner 3 ton system can significantly increase the costs on your side. 

With an air conditioner mini system, which can be achieved with certain 2.5 ton options, you also end up using less space throughout the installation. The more compact systems often offer a wall in air conditioner installation option, reducing floor space used by your HVAC system.

A 2.5 ton air conditioner system can cover areas between 1,201 and 1,650 square feet. The specific coverage depends on a few factors. Consider the structures inside the environment. In stores where there are aisles, the obstruction may sometimes be an issue. In these scenarios, you may want to opt for a slightly bigger AC unit or consider using an in-wall system. 

Your installer can be a valuable asset to the installation process. Make sure you choose a professional who is highly experienced in dealing with HVAC installations. 

With our large selection of Goodman air conditioning systems, there is a wide variety to choose from. By working closely with the professional who will be providing the installation service, you can ensure the option you choose will provide the right fit. 

We recommend also considering the BTU rating of the HVAC system you wish to install. This provides an overview of how versatile the solution will be in your room or office. With a higher BTU rating, heating up an area during colder days becomes easier. Be sure to effectively match an appropriate BTU rating with the climate in your area. BTU ratings for 2.5 ton air conditioner systems can go as high as 80,000 BTU, and in some cases, even higher. You do not need to opt for the highest rating if you live in an environment with a warm climate. Again, these are areas where an installer can be useful, as they can provide you with advice on what the best option would be. 

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