1.5 Ton AC Systems

1.5 Ton AIr Conditioner Systems

Air conditioning is not only a useful option for large supermarkets, but also for smaller buildings. When fitting a residential building with air conditioning, there is no need to opt for a large system. In fact, most people will find that a 1.5 ton air conditioning system provides enough coverage for the living room and other open areas. These systems are not only great for residential buildings but also provides cooling features to small offices. 

A 1.5 ton air conditioner system is one of the smallest options available in our Goodman range of HVAC solutions. With a 1.5 ton system, you can easily cover areas with a measurement of up to 1,100 square feet. The system uses less energy compared to air conditioners 3 ton systems and provide just the right amount of coverage for the smaller rooms. 

The installation process should ideally be discussed with your installer. Consider following a basic buyer guide to ensure the air conditioner system you buy is ideal for the environment you need to cool down. Your installer can help you choose between an air conditioner 3 ton system or a smaller 1.5 ton solution. The process starts with a few measurements. The installer takes a look at the region of your building and the surrounding humidity and climate. In some cases, they may advise you to opt for a slightly larger air conditioning system in order to make up for a warmer climate. 

A 1.5 ton option provides an air conditioner mini design, which means these systems take up less space compared to some of the more industrial solutions. You can also choose an in-wall air conditioner system when you opt for a more compact solution. These systems are built directly into the wall, which means you can continue to utilize all available floor space in the room with no interruptions. 

There is a variety of air conditioning systems available in a 1.5 ton option. You will need to consider the benefits that each can give you while also determining what the limitations are. At The Furnace Outlet, we give you multiple choices to ensure the needs of your building can be met efficiently. 

With our selection, you also have more flexibility in terms of where and how the system will be installed. You can easily choose between an in-wall or a floor-mounted system, depending on your needs, as well as the layout of your building's interior. 

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