Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

Heat waves during the summer month can cause serious fatigue among your workers, which affects productivity at the office. While a fan may be one option to consider, the coverage offered by a classic fan provides insufficient coverage. Switching to an air conditioning system helps to cool down bigger interior regions more effectively. 

There are several options available when setting up an air conditioning system. At The Furnace Outlet, we offer a wide range of Goodman air conditioning systems, with options that meet the requirements of every building, be it residential or commercial. 

For the larger interior environments that need cooling, we recommend looking at an air conditioner 5 ton system. We also offer smaller options, such as air conditioning 3 ton units. Our air conditioning 4 ton systems provide a mid-level option for coverage of medium-sized environments. You can also consider a 3 ton AC unit package, which helps you save money on the additional hardware needed during the installation process. 

To ensure your building gains adequate coverage, we recommend starting with a measurement. It is important to measure both the length and width of the environment – from corner to corner. This provides you the data needed to calculate the square feet area. Consider obstructions that may limit airflow in the building during the calculation, and learn more about the humidity of the region your building operates from. 

When all of these factors are taken into consideration, you can choose an air conditioning system based on your findings. For smaller rooms and offices, you may find anything from a 1.5 ton air conditioning system useful, providing coverage for 700 to 900 square feet. Larger buildings will require better coverage. Our Goodman range of air conditioning systems goes up to a 5 ton system. These systems are able to cover areas with a measurement of up to 3,300 square feet. 

Mounting options also need to be taken into account. We can supply you with air conditioning units that mount directly to the wall. Our in-wall solutions take up significantly less space and can be an ideal option for areas where obstructions are located on the floor. The range of floor-mounted options in our catalog gives you solutions that help to cover open areas. These are ideal for factories that have fewer obstructions. 

Always checking with an installer before choosing a system is a good idea. These professionals have experience in the field and can help you determine which of our Goodman air conditioning systems will be the most ideal fit for your building.

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