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Air Conditioners Only - Optimum - 4 Ton

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Goodman 4 Ton 18 SEER 410A Compatible Air Conditioner Model GSXC180481
Goodman 4 Ton 18 SEER 410A Compatible Air Conditioner Model GSXC180481

Retail Price : $3,814.00

Wholesale Price : $2,769.00

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Air Conditioner Units

During warmer months of the year, interior regions of a building tend to heat up. This can lead to an unpleasant feeling at home. For commercial buildings, an accumulation of heat might even lead to a reduction in clientele. Customers aim to feel comfortable while shopping and a build-up of heat inside the building are not going to comply with those desires. 

The needs of every building are different. In some cases, a replacement of an air conditioning unit is required. In these scenarios, there is no need to buy a complete AC set, as your existing accessories may still be in working condition. 

Buying air conditioners only from our Goodman line gives you the ability to replace only the AC unit itself while keeping your expenses related to additional hardware at a minimum. 

Our range includes a wide variety of air conditioning units to fit the needs of your building and the environment. Air conditioning 3 ton systems are ideal for medium-sized buildings, providing cooling effects in shops, homes, and even offices. Our Goodman line lets you decide between a 3 ton AC unit package or just the air conditioner as a standalone option. 

If you are looking for on sale air conditioner deals, then look no further. At The Furnace Outlet, our Goodman range is offered at wholesale prices – which means you will likely end up paying less than the price tag on a discounted air conditioner at a local retailer. 

We recommend our customers consult their installers prior to purchasing an air conditioner unit from us. If you are only looking for the AC unit as a standalone product, you need to ensure it will be compatible with the existing fittings and accessories that were previously installed. 

Air conditioner installation service providers are able to analyze your current installation and make the appropriate recommendations. This is also an opportunity to increase the coverage offered by your AC system. By replacing only the unit itself, you can decide on a more powerful option. If you have a larger commercial building, upgrading from an air conditioning 3-ton system to a five-ton alternative would give you a stronger cooling effect for customers and employees to enjoy. 

We stock different standalone AC units, ranging from smaller 1.5 ton systems up to bigger 5-ton options. We have air conditioner models that are compatible with the SEER 410A air conditioner range, making them a perfect fit if you have already installed a Goodman unit kit in the past.

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