Wireless Portable Comfort Control


As low as $2.30 per month


Use the Portable Comfort Control anywhere in the home to experience a new level of comfort and convenience. Works in both zoned and non-zoned applications. Features Powered by RedLINK™ reliability No interference with other wireless devices in the home Works with compatible RedLINK™ enabled thermostats and accessories Installs in minutes Touchscreen interface with backlit display Can display outdoor temperature and humidity Built-in pager with an audible noise helps locate the device in the home Screen-lock feature helps prevent accidental changes 1 year battery life 2 month low battery warning In Non-Zoned Applications: Bring it with you anywhere in the home to sense and control temperature from the room that you are in. In Zoned Applications: View and adjust all RedLINK™ enabled thermostats from a single control. Controls up to 16 thermostats
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