PTAC Remote Thermostat Wiring Harness PWHK01C


As low as $0.87 per month


The PTAC Wire Harness kit provides connection from the 14-pin or 18-pin terminal strip on the PTAC control board to the following board features: Door Switch* Motion Sensor* Emergency Hydronic Heat** Load Shedding** Front Desk Control** Transfer Fan (relay must be manufacturer-approved and have a DC low voltage coil) Remote Wired Thermostat (must be manufacturer-approved) *Contact your sales person for proper manufacturer-approved devices and wiring instructions. **If other than a “dry switch” is used in connecting these features, consult manufacturer before proceeding. The kit includes a 14-pin and an 18-pin female housing with 18 jumper wires and wire nuts. The installation and servicing of this equipment should be performed by qualified, experienced technicians.
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